Natural Fertility

natural infertility treatment


  • Have you had trouble conceiving on your own?
  • Have you tried intra-uterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilization (IVF) without success?
  • Were you told you were not a candidate for IVF because you had a high level of follicular stimulating hormone, which is an indication for menopause or pre-ovarian failure?
  • Have you been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and need donor eggs?
  • Are you afraid of hormonal stimulation because you are a cancer survivor, worried about increasing your risk of cancer, or have uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts?
  • Does your partner have low or poor quality sperm?

Infertility problems are painful emotionally, and often physically.  A variety of problems can interfere with a couple being able to conceive and a woman successfully carrying a pregnancy to term.  The most common procedures used today to help you conceive, IUI and IVF, are not only expensive but also rarely covered by insurance.  Nor are they suitable for everyone, even if you can afford them.  For people who have unbalanced hormonal levels or low egg or sperm quality, successful pregnancies under IUI or IVF are low.  Hormonal stimulation may increase egg quantity but not quality, and may interrupt a down time for your body to revert to its own hormonal signaling.  Many chronic diseases such as anemia, thyroid dysfunction, immune disorder etc. will further complicate pregnancy, which either IUI or IVF can help treat.   For all these reason, before you commit to IVF, IUI or any other invasive procedures, talk to us first.  Fertility in men and women can be improved, often, without costly and invasive procedures.

At Holistic Medicine and Prevention Center, we will take a careful medical history and analyze your current medical condition to avoid unnecessary treatment.  Based on the assessment, we will offer you a natural approach that has outstanding chances of getting results.

Unlike other places, we incorporate Western medicine knowledge and training with traditional Chinese medicine to create a customized treatment plan for each individual.  We take into account both potential problems that may affect the success of your pregnancy as well as your own medical history, constitution, nutritional status and endogenous hormonal balance before carefully designing a treatment.

Acupuncture and customized herbal formulas from raw herbs as well as herbal pills are offered to regulate menstrual cycles, reduce stagnation of energy and optimize egg or sperm quality.  We have helped hundreds of families who failed expensive treatments elsewhere to achieve their dream of parenthood over the last twenty years.   Some were pregnant on their own even when they were told to be impossible to conceive without donor eggs.


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