Diagnosis & Treatment



Pulse diagnostic with hand on a cushion

If Western medicine is about antibiotics and surgeries, then Eastern medicine is about prevention, balance and modification of constitution.  Drugs and surgical intervention in most cases are used to control symptoms, and more often than not, temporarily.  Once symptoms of an illness are under control,  treatment will often end for various reasons.  This is Why many patients go through illness and treatment cycles repeatedly as the causes of the problem are not properly looked at and taken care of.

There are fortunately alternatives including diet control, lifestyle changes, and eastern medicine that can help eliminate potential risk factors and pathological progression by strengthening and balancing our body's self-defense mechanism to resist future attacks and help us live a healthy life.

Each individual is unique as a result of genetic predisposition, emotional make-up and life style.  Therefore, the outcome of standardized treatments varies from person to person.  This is why a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely successful.

At our clinic, we help analyze your constitution, watch potential side effects of the current treatment and cease the progression of any pathological pathways through herbal medicine and acupuncture.  Dietary recommendation is also part of service to provide you with specific information on choice of food and supplements based on your specific condition.

Working closely with you, we help evaluate your current healthcare management in conjunction with our holistic approach to provide health advice and serve as your advocate to ensure a speedy recovery, to promote balance and to sustain healthy lifestyle.

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