Acupuncture & Herbal Treatment

acupuncture_2There are hundreds of specific points known as acupoints on the human body.  They are located along the pathways or channels through which our body's biological energy flows.  Each channel leads to an internal organ.  When the body suffers from external injury, infection, or stress, the energy flow of the channel is disrupted.  This in turn causes physiological, emotional and hormonal imbalance.  This causes us to feel discomfort, illness and pain.





service-1Acupuncture works by the stimulation of needles on these acupoints, which activates the body's self-healing and defense mechanism.  It stimulates neuro-transmitters such as endorphins, pain relievers, hormones, and many other biological responses to restore the body's functions, resulting in physiological and emotional equilibrium.  Since this is a self-regulatory process, regulating hormonal imbalance does not disrupt your original system.







Holistic medicine takes into account various factors of each individual during the diagnostic process and offers specific herbal treatment plans accordingly.  Such flexibility is unique to Holistic medicine and is attained through the art of formulating herbal prescriptions.

Different combination of herbs can provide thousand of formulas that treat various illnesses or one illness at various stages.  Because it is so customized, it is meant to treat a disease for one individual at one particular stage.  In this way, it is always specific in producing health-enhancing results successfully.

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